Collective of the course BLS congratulates the head of the course, associate professor Zikriyarova Sanam Mahsutzhanovna, in connection with the anniversary


Zikriyarova Sanam Mahsutzhanovna, doctor epidemiologist-hygienist, PhD, associate professor. Zikriyarova S.M. is the director of the department of general educational disciplines, a member of the Dentistry Faculty Council, the head of the course Basics of life safety.

In 1991 Zikriyarova S.M. graduated with honors at Karaganda State Medical Institute, sanitary-hygienic faculty. After that she was invited to Almaty State Medical Institute at the Department of Pharmacology as a trainee teacher. From 1992 to 2000 she worked at the Department of Infectious Diseases with the course of epidemiology as a teacher. From 2000 to 2012 she was the head teacher of the course Organization of emergency medical care in emergency situations. Since 2013, after the successful completion of the certification, she has become the head of the course Basics of life safety.

In 2006, she successfully defended her thesis on a theme: «Improving of epidemiological surveillance during earthquakes» (Epidemiology specialty — 14.00.30.). This scientific work for the first time in Kazakhstan raised issues of the organization of sanitary and epidemiological surveillance in emergency situations.

Zikriyarova S.M. has a number of scientific papers and publications. She participated in the development and implementation in practice of the standard curriculum for the discipline «Organization of emergency medical care in emergency situations». Under her leadership, the course successfully develops and implements the latest interactive methods of education, as well as conducts research and educational work. In accordance with the modern requirements of education process Zikriyarova S.M. conducts lectures and practical lessons with students of all specialties at Kazakh, Russian and English languages.

During the labor activity Zikriyarova S.M. has established herself as a highly qualified teacher and scientist. For the contribution to the development of medical education of Kazakhstan, success in work, training, educational, scientific and administrative activity aimed at developing of KazNMU she was repeatedly awarded with diplomas and letters of thanks.

The collective of the BLS course heartily congratulates Sanam Mahsutzhanovna on the anniversary, wishes good health, family well-being and great labor achievements.