Department of Childhood Dentistry

In order to optimize the teaching and educational process and the implementation of credit technology department of dentistry have been reorganized into modules (order number 1323l KazNMU rector of 12.07.2011g.). 4 Department of Dentistry Profile split into nine modules. Department of pediatric dentistry was dissolved in 3 modules: Propaedeutics pediatric dentistry, dental pediatric unit, a module of orthodontics. On September 1, 2011. Childhood dental unit includes nine educational rates: professor, head of the unit Ermuhanova Gulzhan Tleumuhanovna Professor Yesim Askerbek Zharmagambetovich Professor Shalabaeva Zulharnaevna Clara, Associate Professor Zykeeva Karibaevna Saul, assistant Kamieva Rizabekovna Zulia, Assistant Onaybekova Nazgul Moldahanovna, Assistant Korobkin Tatiana, the . MN, assistant Fazylov Dzhambul Anarkulovich, Assistant Utepov Dilshat Karimovich.

Module, working with students 5.6 Courses Faculty of Dentistry, teaches them the subject of pediatric dentistry. Patron of two rate-dental faculty. Employees of the module are medical advisory work on the bases GDSP, Clinical Hospital № 5, RCCH «Aksai», the results of research work in implementing a practical health care.