History of the Department

The Department of Orthopedic Dentistry of the Faculty of Dentistry of the AGMI began its work, on the basis of the order of the Ministry of Health of the Kazakh SSR No. 203 of 05/20/1962.

In the photo: Mamekov A.D., Petrova L.A., Usmanova R.S., Telebaeva G.T., Temirbaev M.A.

At the first stage of organizing the department, first of all, the available local personnel and invited specialists from other republics were involved. The management of the department of orthopedic dentistry was entrusted to Usmanova Rashida Sabirovna, a freelance dentist in Alma-Ata, the chief physician of the 1st city dental clinic, a graduate of the Leningrad State Medical Institute.

The leadership of the institute – rector Karynbaev S.R., pro-rectors and deans of the faculty – Chernov E.F., Nasybullina Kh.S., Saulebekova M.S., Shakenov K.Sh. took an active part in organizing the educational base of the faculty and the formation of the teaching staff. , as well as the Minister of Health of the Kazakh SSR Senkov N.O. and his deputies Musabaev Kh.M., Kozyreva R.A., curator of the Ministry of Health of the USSR, deputy. Minister Serenko A.F. With their assistance, by the decision of the Council of Ministers of the Kazakh SSR in 1964, the faculty was transferred to a new two-story building intended for the Central Research Laboratory of the Alma-Ata Medical Institute. At that time, it was a well-equipped clinical base for the departments of therapeutic, surgical and orthopedic dentistry with 20 jobs. An unprecedentedly high rise in the construction of educational bases and living quarters at the institute, including for the Faculty of Dentistry, almost completely satisfying the need, was achieved by the rector, Professor Maskeev K.M. in 1975-1987.

The educational base of the department, like the entire faculty, at first served as the basement of the clinic of maxillofacial surgery of the 1st city clinical hospital, then – the building of the Republican blood transfusion station, where 20 dental chairs were deployed for all specialized departments.

In organizing the work of the dental department, a great help was provided by the deputy. Minister of Health of the Kazakh SSR, a graduate of the Faculty of Dentistry Kazakov A.Ya., increasing the staff of dental technicians to comply with the accepted standards.

Since the beginning of the 1963-1964 academic year, the staff of the department was replenished by graduates of the dental faculties of the Kalinin Medical Institute – Shaimerdenova R.Sh., Omsk – Telebaeva G.T., Permsky – Eslyamgaliev G.T., Novikov V.I., Tashkent – Fefelova I. IN. and Kan A.S., Dzhumadillaev Zh.N., Sedunov A.A. Thus, the staff of the department was not only international, but also represented the main schools of the leading dental faculties of the country, which made it possible to creatively use them in scientific and educational work.

To assist the department in organizing educational and methodological work from Tashkent in 1962 and 1963. the manager came. Department of Prosthetic Dentistry Tashkent State Medical Institute prof. Busygin Alexey Terentyevich, a graduate of the Moscow Medical Dental Institute.

In the photo: a lesson on the phantom course is conducted by the assistant Zh.N. Dzhumadillayev.

In the spring of 1963, as a service transfer, the leadership of the department and the dean’s office of the dental and sanitary-hygienic faculties was entrusted to Associate Professor Georgy Timofeevich Sukharev, who arrived from the Tashkent Medical Institute. It is difficult to overestimate the role of Georgy Timofeevich during the formation of the department, since initially the team consisted of young and inexperienced teachers.

All educational, methodological and research work was carried out thanks to his rich experience. He is the founder of the educational, scientific and clinical school of orthopedic dentistry and orthodontics in Kazakhstan.

Since 1975, associate professor Anatoly Andreevich Sedunov (since 1989 professor) has headed the department with subsequent election by competition.

Organization at the department of prof. Sedunov A.A. in 1975, a functional diagnostics room and in 1989 (order of the Ministry of Health of the Kazakh SSR No. 571 of 08.24.1989 and order of AGMI No. 244 of 09.14.1989) an experimental and clinical laboratory of medical materials science and medicines, as well as a laboratory materials science and new technologies in 1993 at the Republican Scientific and Clinical Center “Stomatology” significantly expanded the possi bilities of scientific research and implementation of the results into practice.

The picture shows the head of the department, prof. Sedunov A.A. leads the cathedral meeting

In 1997. (KazSMU order No. 223 dated 10.16.1996 and No. 57 dated 04.03.1997), in connection with the termination of budgetary funding, the laboratory of medical materials science and medicines was reorganized into the Scientific Center of Dental Prosthetics on a self-supporting basis.

Combining the efforts of dentists with various medical specialists (immunologist – MD Dauranov I.G., microbiologist – MD Kotova A.L., biochemist – MD Pleshkova S.M.) and technologists (chemist – doctor of chemical sciences Sinyaev V.A., geologo-mineerologist – doctor of medical sciences Krasnoperov V.A., engineer – candidate of technical sciences G.T. Krivich, technologist – Suleimenov T.S. and Ph.D. Yumankov A.P.) profiles, for the implementation of a unified scientific and technical program, new domestic promising structural materials and manufacturing technologies from them have been developed for dental and bone prostheses and implants with taking into account the state of the body and the impact of environmental and industrial hazards, as well as more informative methods of functional diagnostics.

In 1989, by order of the rector of KazSMU No. 214 of 07/11/1989, in connection with the need to teach the preclinical cycle and improve the teaching of propaedeutics in orthopedic dentistry, the second department “Department of propaedeutics of orthopedic dentistry” was organized from the department. Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor S. Ruzuddinov. In the senior courses, the discipline “Orthopedic Dentistry” was taught at the Department of Hospital Prosthetic Dentistry (Head of the Department of Medical Sciences, Professor AA Sedunov).

The staff of the Department of Propedeutics of Prosthetic Dentistry

In the picture: the composition of the Department of Hospital Prosthetic Dentistry

Since 1992, both departments were renamed and became known as the Department of Orthopedic Dentistry No. 1 (Head of the Department, Prof. AA Sedunov) and the Department of Prosthetic Dentistry No. 2 (Head of the Department, Prof. Ruzuddinov SR) on the basis of order No. 223 dated 09/18/1992
In 2001, the head of the Department of Prosthetic Dentistry No. 1 was appointed Doctor of Medical Sciences. Altynbekov K.D.
In the picture: the composition of the Department of Hospital Prosthetic Dentistry
In connection with the decrease (2003) the number of students was the union of the department of orthopedic dentistry No. 1 and 2, the head of the department of orthopedic dentistry of KazNMU was appointed prof. Ruzuddinov S.R.

In the picture: employees of the department №1. Head of the department Altynbekov K.D.

В связи с уменьшением (2003г) количество студентов было объединение кафедры ортопедической стоматологии №1 и 2, заведующим кафедрой ортопедической стоматологии КазНМУназначен проф. Рузуддинов С.Р.

In the photo: the composition of the joint Department of Prosthetic Dentistry led by prof. Ruzuddinov (2006)

In accordance with the order of the rector of KazNMU dated July 12, 2011 No. 1323, the department was transformed into a module of orthopedic dentistry – the head of the module is Ph.D. Altynbekov K.D. and the module of propedeutics of orthopedic dentistry – head of the module – Ph.D. Esirkepov A.A.
The leadership of the Ministry of Health, the institute, and the department attached exceptional attention to the further formation of scientific and pedagogical personnel. For this purpose, the staff of the department, having taken upon themselves the difficult burden of formation, considered it necessary to train young and promising employees in leading dental institutions. So, having defended Ph.D. theses, the following leading dental schools were worthily represented: Kazan-Dzhumadillaev D.N. (1966), Kalininskaya-Shaimerdenova R.Sh. (1969); Rizhskaya-Mamekov A.D. (1971); Kharkovskaya-Donenbaeva Sh.Sh. (1972); Leningradskaya – Temirbaev MA (1973); Moscow-Ruzuddinov SR (1974), Turkey, Istanbul – Altynbekov KD (1997).
The first Ph.D. theses were carried out at the department under the guidance of Assoc. Sukhareva G.T. applicants Sedunov A.A. and Novikova V.I. in 1972, then in 1976 by G.T. Eslyamgaliev, G.T. Telebaeva. and Kan A.S.

In the photo: Eslyamgaliev G. T. With his students (now Prof. Tupikova L.N. and Chief Dentist of the Healthcare of Almaty, Ph.D. Nurashev B.A.)

The first clinical interns, trainees-researchers and employees of the department were Eslyamgaliev G.T., Shaimerdenova R.Sh., Donenbaeva Sh.Sh., Telebaeva G.T., Starodubtseva (Ibragimova) R.S., Kornilova G.A. ., Bekimova L.B., Temirbaev M.A., Mamekov A.D., Ruzuddinov S.R., Kulbekov K.K., Lobanov Yu.S., Urazaeva N.N., Lopatnikov V., Alifbaeva S A.A., Sharf E.E., Uteshev A.Zh., Mazhenova A.M., Uataeva A.T. other. Later, most of them defended their candidate and doctoral dissertations, became heads of medical institutions and scientific departments of institutes, departments of orthopedic dentistry: Eslyamgaliev G.T., Lepikhin V., Akhmadishin I.M. – at the Karaganda State Medical Institute, Temirbaev M.A. – at the Alma-Ata Institute for Advanced Training of Doctors and the Kazakh Medical Academy – in Astana; Mamekov A.D. – at the Alma-Ata Institute for Advanced Training of Doctors; Ruzuddinov S.R., Altynbekov K.D. – at the Kazakh National Medical University; Ospanova G.B. at the Moscow Central Research Institute, Abylkasymov E.A. at the Center for Traditional Medicine of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The first graduate students and applicants of the department: Altynbekov K.D., Smagulov K.M., Bairov M.K., Astakhova I.A., Kulimbetov A.S., Tolukpaeva A.K., Asakaev N.S., Putilin V S., Aldabergenova T.K., Andamasova Zh.R., Shayakhmetova M.K., Isendosova G.Sh. They have successfully defended their dissertations and work as assistants and associate professors at the departments of orthopedic dentistry of medical universities and academies of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In 1987, on the initiative of prof. A. A. Sedunova and with the active participation of R.S. Usmanova, R.Sh. Shaimerdenova, N.I. Bernatskaya. and laboratory assistant Fokas V.N. laboratory assistant Stepanova V.P. an educational and methodical room with a museum of phantom designs of dentures, models of jaws at the stages of treatment of defects and deformities of the dentition has been created and to this day serves and is used to provide the educational process with methodological aids, phantoms, situational tasks, dia-and films, and other visual materials.

In order to train students, dental technicians and dentists in the latest technologies for the manufacture of prostheses in 1995 at the initiative of prof. Ruzuddinova S.R., a dental center “Universtom” was organized, equipped with KaVo equipment and technological lines at the expense of a loan, as a result of which it became possible to produce metal-ceramic, metal-free (TargisVectris), clasp and plate prostheses and other various designs according to world standards.

With the active assistance of the rector of KazNMU prof. Muminova T.A. and heads of the departments of orthopedic dentistry prof. Ruzuddinova S.R. and prof. A. A. Sedunova on the basis of the departments in 1996, an advisory room was opened for consultative and diagnostic work of professors with modern equipment, a phantom room and a dental laboratory for teaching students, and in 1998. at least one new dental unit was installed in each clinical office (20 units for the entire faculty).

In the picture: ass. Samenov Zh.K. with a group of students

All students were actively receiving patients, mastered the skills of medical and diagnostic work. Moreover, forparticipation of ass. Zhuravleva V.A. and lab. Burovoy R.D. a student dental laboratory was organized in a special room for 25 workplaces, where students mastered the technology of making dentures, were engaged in research work. Many of the students who graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry of the State Medical Institute became good orthopedic specialists, later some of them successfully headed dental institutions, joint and small private enterprises (Mirzabekov O.M., Kulbekov K.K., Sergienko Yu.S., Ibraeva S.B., Dairbekov M., Abishev T., Kulmagambetov K.Z., Sultanov K.S., Azbekov M.S., Abdygalieva L.Kh., Urazaeva N.N., Antonova L.P., Alifbaeva S.A., Andakulov V.A.) and many became chief doctors of regional and city dental clinics.

Later, the main base of the Faculty of Dentistry, the AGMI polyclinic, left the subordination of the medical institute. The work of specialized departments has become complicated due to the discrepancy between goals and objectives.

In the period from 1986 to 1989, the health crisis affected the decline in all indicators of the dental service.

The way out of this situation was the organization in 1989. Republican Scientific and Clinical Center “Dentistry” with the active participation of a freelance specialist of the Ministry of Health, dentist-orthopedist Mirzabekov O.M. A.A., Supiev T.K., Urazalin Zh.B.), the leadership of the institute (rector E.S.Belozerov) and the Ministry of Health (Minister Devyatko V.N.), the necessary conditions were created to accommodate and equip all specialized dental departments carrying out educational, scientific and clinical activities. Organizationally, it was an important event that served as the beginning of all the real achievements of the dental service in the Republic of Kazakhstan, both in practical health care, and in teaching and research.

By the time the faculty was opened in Alma-Ata, dentists predominated (90%) among the specialists, therefore, in order to resolve the issue of training dentists, along with the full-time department, a part-time department was opened, to which dentists were accepted. Three issues were made. There are 225 dentists in total. Basically, they have become highly skilled practicing health care dentists.

Employees of the Department of Prosthetic Dentistry honor the memory of their Teachers. On the facade of the Institute of Dentistry (building No. 3), at the initiative of the Department of Prosthetic Dentistry, a memorial plaque was installed to Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor A.A. Sedunov.

The Department of Orthopedic Dentistry of the Kazakh National Medical University and its pupils to this day play a decisive role in the development of orthopedic dentistry, medical materials science, technology for the manufacture of prostheses and implants in the Republic of Kazakhstan, preparing both scientific and pedagogical personnel and practical health professionals of orthopedic dentists.

In the future, in order to further develop orthopedic dentistry in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Department of Prosthetic Dentistry of KazNMU is planning to:

  1. To raise the level of educational, scientific and clinical activities by equipping the department with modern equipment for diagnostics, design and manufacture of dentures and implants using new technologies (computerization, digital technology, milling, casting, plasma spraying) and construction materials (bioceramics, composites, titanium, zirconium).
  2. To fully provide the educational process with thematic patients and consumables through the organization of free treatment and prosthetics of patients at the student reception. To create the necessary conditions for the implementation of a new curriculum on denture manufacturing technology and internship.
  3. Strengthen international ties by implementing educational and scientific programs, creating joint ventures, especially on the development and implementation of new biomaterials, technologies for the manufacture of dentures and implants, as well as improving the pre – and post-graduate education of orthopedists, implantologists, dental technicians.
  4. Increasing the motivation for professional growth of teaching staff, the level of scientific research in the aspect of educational and practical value.
  5. Development of the experimental base, increasing the level of competence of specialists, the quality of education.
  6. Ensuring a close connection between science, education and production, accurate determination of the need for specialists, skillful planning of training and retraining of personnel.
  7. Enhancing the role of employers in shaping the knowledge, skills, and abilities of graduates.
  8. Ensuring quality control and assessment of the activities of science and education.