Educational-methodical work

At the Department of therapeutic dentistry, classes are held with students of 2-5 courses of the school of Dentistry in the disciplines “Fundamentals of therapeutic dentistry”, “The Oral Biology”, “Cariesology and non-carious lesions of hard tissues of the teeth”, “Functional methods of examination”, “Endodontics”, “Clinical endodontics”, “Physiotherapy of dental diseases”, “Parodontology”, “Diseases of the oral mucosa and red border of the lips”. All disciplines have been prepared of methodological materials, which include syllabuses in accordance with the new requirements, evaluation headings for the current, midterm and final control, situational tasks, tasks in the MCQ test form, scenario or role games, and blocks of information.

All of examination materials has been prepared for the final control, including a list of questions or a list of manual skills, tickets, a list of examiners, a schedule of consultations, and a schedule for taking the exam. The final duel is conducted by testing in the MCQ format, practical skills reception in the DOPS format, written exam, exam in the CbD format, written differentiated test.

Teaching staff of the Department of therapeutic dentistry conducts classes on innovative teaching methods using interactive methods – simulation game, Information and didactic block for practical training, collaboration of students with the teacher and independent work of students, Role-playing simulation game, mini-project Method, CBL, TBL, Classroom on the Google platform, etc.

The educational process is equipped with tables, slides, flow charts, models, thematic video films, albums. Updating and replenishment of visual AIDS is carried out by the staff of the Department throughout the year. The Department has created and replenishes the Fund of scientific, educational and methodological literature, including in the state language, available to students and staff of the Department. The educational stands present in the state, Russian and English languages calendar-thematic plans of lectures and practical classes, announcements, information for students.

The Department has compiled and approved the calendar-thematic plans of lectures and practical classes for all courses, there are working programs for all disciplines of therapeutic dentistry, elective courses.