History of the module of propaedeutics of surgical stomatology

The chair of surgical stomatology is organized on the basis of the order of Kazakh MOH by the Soviet Socialist Republic No. 203 from 07.05.1962, her first manager was PhD, professor’s assistant E.F.Chernov. The graduate of medical faculty ANMI which has passed the Great Patriotic War by the senior doctor of a regiment, ended clinical internship on chair of hospital surgery, Evgeny Feofanovich was fond of maxillofacial surgery, defended the master’s dissertation on surgical stomatology on the subject of «Epulida» and for the rest faithfully served of maxillofacial surgery.

He was the first dean of stomatologic faculty of ANMI the head of the department of stomatology where it was conducted at that time teaching of the therapeutic, surgical and orthopedic stomatology, the first who defended the doctoral dissertation on stomatology in Kazakhstan, the first professor of the stomatology, the first chairman of Republican scientific and medical society of the stomatologists, the first main stomatologist of Ministry of Health.

E.F.Chernov’s contribution to preparation of scientific and pedagogical shots is invaluable to young faculty. Despite of short, but bright fruitful life, Evgeny Feofanovich managed to prepare the whole galaxy of scientists-teachers (Ya.A.Raushenbakh, R.G.Dmitriyev, A.N.Fokina, A.I.Khimich, L.Ya.Zazulevskaya, D.S.Sagatbayev, T.K.Supiyev, G.D.Mishina, K.E.Rysdavletov, V.V.Khalitova, K.K.Kurakbayev, Sh.B.Kamalov), many of which now are leading experts.

In 1974-1980 chair directed PhD, professor’s assistant Maria Pavlovna Oskolkova. The skilled clinical physician, the remarkable surgeon, M.P.Oskolkova made a big contribution to preparation of maxillofacial surgeons for the republic, in improvement of scientific and medical society of stomatologists was the board member of All-Union scientific organization of stomatologists.

Since 1980 to 2011 the doctor of medical sciences, professor Zhaksylyk Bekbatyrovich Urazalin was the head of the department. From 1989 to 2001 professor Zh.B.Urazalin worked as the vice rector on clinical, and then educational works of ANMI of S.D. Asfendiyarov. He was from the moment of education (from 1991) till December 2007 inclusive the permanent chairman of specialized Council for protection of doctoral and master’s theses in the specialty – Stomatology 14. 00. 21. It published more than 100 printing works, from them one textbook in a state language, 6 manuals, 20 inventions.

Professor Zh.B.Urazalin gives a lot of time to preparation of a highly-skilled scientific personnel, under his management 4 doctors and 15 candidates of medical sciences were excellent protected, is the owner of «A gold scalpel of KAZNMU», the Decree of the President of RK 07.12.2010г. it is awarded by government award — a medal «Eрен еңбегі үшін».

From 2010 and to the present time Zhaksylyk Bekbatyrovich Urazalin is the director of educational and clinical department of stomatology.

In January 1992 the chair of surgical stomatology was divided into two chairs: hospital surgical stomatology and propaedeutics of surgical stomatology, them managed by professor Urazalin Zh.B. and the doctor of medical sciences, professor Tuleuov K.T. In 1997 chairs again were united in one – chair of surgical stomatology which directs doctor of medcal sciences, professor Urazalin Zh.B.

On the basis of the order No. 1323½ from 12.07.2011г. «About division of chairs of stomatologic faculty into modules» reorganization of chair of surgical stomatology on modules is made: propaedeutics of surgical stomatology and surgical stomatology. Since September 2011 professor Tuleuov K.T. became the module lead of propaedeutics of surgical stomatology.

Today the module of propaedeutics of surgical stomatology is a solid friendly staff with high creative and clinical potential which continues nice traditions of the previous generation and brings a certain contribution in development of stomatology in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Now on the module successfully work doctors of medical sciences, professors: K.T.Tuleuov, V.P. Rusanov; professor’s assistant: PhD T.V.Tregubova, PhD G.S. Stabayeva; assistants, candidates of medical sciences: M.I.Vansvanov, A.T.Kosmagambetova, B.A. Amantayev, Zh.Sh.Uglanov; assistants: K.S.Bimenov, L.Zh.Akimzhanova, M. V. Nikiporets. Veterans of chair are professors of chair, their role in the organization of stomatologic education, preparation of stomatologic shots, rendering of the highly skilled help to the population is really invaluable. Their pupils work not only in different regions of the country, but also in the countries of the near and far abroad.

Educational process on the module is constantly improved according to an educational program and competences of the expert, new forms and training methods, methods of an assessment of competence are entered, methodical work improves and develops.

The collective of the module constantly carries out fruitful medical work. On the clinical base are performed unique and difficult regenerative operations for the congenital and acquired defects and deformations of the person, good-quality tumors of maxillofacial area, there is an emergency and planned help to patients with inflammatory and traumatic diseases. On clinical base there is a medical and diagnostic help to the population on surgical stomatology, dental implantation is widely and successfully applied at various defects of a tooth alignment.