Module of Theraupetical dentistry

Module Theraupetical dentistry was organized on the base of the order of Kaz NMU` s rector Prof. Akanov A. A. Professor Zazulevskaya L. Y. was assigned as module`s director. There are 11 employees in module`s stuff: 2 professors, doctor of medical sciences, 2 associate professors, 3 candidates of medical sciences and 3 assistants without degrees, senior laborant with high education. Hard-working constructive scientific and pedagogical team was created, for base aim`s execution- preparation of high-qualified specialists in credit-module system of educational process`s organization, developing scientific school, which based on high achievement of science and practice with using of modern educational methods.


Module`s aims:

1)   to improve the quality of education;

2)    to take part in development of new educational standard in theraupetical dentistry, which oriented on international standards;

3)   to use modern educational technologies and interactive methods of education during practical lessons and lectures;

4)   to organize competitions and quizzes among students;

5)   to practice analysis of different patients, review of patients`case histories, to study practical skills on phantoms, real and standard patients;

6)   to increase potential of scientific and pedagogical qualification of stuff;

7)   to develop international cooperation;

8)   to take a part in development of international research projects;

9)   to increase the results of scientific researches;

10)                  to publish the results of researches in international editions, magazines.