Educational work

The teaching staff of the Department has been conducting educational work with students of the dental faculty for several years.

In the 2019-2020 academic year the Department is mentors of 5th year students

Priority directions of educational work of the Department’s employees are:

Зreserving and increasing the traditions of the University, promoting its history, symbols, values

promotion of anti-corruption thinking, healthy lifestyle, patriotism, universal culture among students

Prophylaxes carrying out preventive work to prevent extremism, terrorism and non-proliferation of destructive religious movements in the student environment

 Organization and holding of cultural events of civil-Patriotic, spiritual and moral direction

 Organization of measures for the prevention of religious extremism, offenses among students and the fight against corruption

Teachers of the Department together with supervised groups constantly conduct activities to combat corruption: competition of wall Newspapers and posters, writing essays, conducting curatorial hours.


The Department’s staff also pays great attention to the organization and holding of cultural events. Going to the mountains of the Ttans-ili Alatau, students assistant Dolgikh V. R. held a campaign “Save nature” in the mountains. Active recreation was combined with cleaning the territory adjacent to the waterfall, garbage collection and disposal was carried out. Given that this is a mountainous area, the students were interviewed on the rules of conduct in this area, possible emergencies and measures to eliminate them.



An integral part of the work of the Department is to conduct events that educate civil-Patriotic and spiritual-moral manifestations in the framework of “Rukhani Zhangru”: round tables dedicated to the great poets, writers, researchers, scientists of Kazakhstan.

Events dedicated to the Republic Day, dentist’s Day, Victory Day, and world AIDS day have become traditional. Within the framework of charity events, teachers together with students conduct examinations, lectures “Beautiful smile”, “oral Hygiene”, etc. in children’s homes and schools in Almaty, nursing homes.