Research work

Research work of the department

Research theme of the department: “Development of domestic dental materials of domestic production and the introduction of innovative technologies.” The teaching staff took an active part in the implementation of the NTP through the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the topic: “Innovative methods of diagnosis and orthopedic treatment of various defects in the dentition” (2011,2012-2014).
Master classes are held annually on topical issues in the field of orthopedic dentistry using innovative technologies. Under the guidance of prof. Altynbekova K.D. the staff of the department developed and studied dental alloys”Stomet-1kz “,” Stomet-3kz”,”Stomet-4kz “,” Stomet-2kz”And” High-strength gypsum “, received innovative patents, the standard of the organization” Dental gypsum from natural raw materials of Kazakhstan. ”
As part of scientific projects”Innovative methods of diagnostics and orthopedic treatment of various defects of the dentition” adherence to the principles of integration of interdisciplinary approaches, an example is the joint research by the employees of the Research Institute “Institute of Nuclear Physics”, “SCZ LLO”, laboratory “Privatclinica”, LLP “Telsim” for the first time developed domestic dental materials for medical purposes alloys “Stomet-1kz “,” Stomet-2kz”,” High-strength gypsum “for orthopedic dentistry. The developed alloys have successfully passed preclinical approbation and their further clinical studies on the subject of operational properties continue. The results are reflected in the 2015 National Report.
The teaching staff of the department, together with the students, make a worthy contribution to the provision of dental care to residents of Almaty: advice by leading professors, associate professors and assistants, orthopedic dental assistance to residents of Almaty. The department provides orthopedic dental care to patients with defects in the maxillofacial area. Since the onset of 2011, the forms of training scientific and pedagogical personnel in the specialty “Dentistry” have decreased, institutes of competition, postgraduate and doctoral studies, as well as clinical residency have ceased to exist, which affected the dynamics of training scientific frames.
Since 2011, our department has been constantly participating in competitions for grant funding for scientific and technical projects and won grant projects 2011,2012-2014,2018-2020), in 2016 a university grant was carried out.
The results of the grant projects were published in international peer-reviewed impact factor journals (Sweden, USA, Turkey, Germany, Russia).
In the period from 2005 to 2010, nine candidate and doctoral dissertations were defended at the department by applicants and graduate students.
Since 2006, the department has been implementing an innovative educational program. Working programs, TUPs, RUPs, syllabus and UMKD have been developed and introduced into the training process. For students, conferences, seminars, Internet conferences are held. In recent years, the Department of Prosthetic Dentistry has been visited by famous foreign visiting professors.

Professors of Istanbul University Necat Tunjer and Typhoon Ozdemir and staff of the department

Over the past 5 years, the department has been conducting scientific research on the topic: “Innovative methods of diagnostics and orthopedic treatment of various defects of the dentition.” Employees of the Department of Prosthetic Dentists conduct their research together with colleagues, employees of other departments of KazNMU named after S.D. Asfendiyarov (pathology, microbiology, Atshabarov Institute), as well as with the involvement of third-party organizations (Institute of Nuclear Physics of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Institute of Metallurgy, “Private” clinic, LLP “ASIASERVIS”, LLP CELSIM, National Research Technological University MISiS).
In 2010-2013, a fragment of the NTP was carried out for a grant from the MZRK on the topic: “Development of a model (program) of antiaging in ensuring active longevity of elderly people in Kazakhstan”, block “Features of dental orthopedic treatment of elderly people.”
In 2011, on a grant from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, scientific and technical progress was carried out on the topic: “Innovative methods of diagnostics and orthopedic treatment of various defects of the dentition” in 2012-2014. The NTP was extended and continued.
In 2016, an intra-university grant was submitted and won on the topic: “Clinical and technological study of Stomet-1KZ, Stomet-2KZ.” Currently, research work is being carried out according to the plan of the second year.