History of the department

The Department began its glorious way of development and creative search in may 1962, when the Order No. 203 of 07.05.1962 was issued by the Rector of the Kazakh medical Institute prof. Samarin R. I. on the organization of the Department of therapeutic dentistry at the dental faculty.

The first head of the Department was Ph. D., member of the second world war, Colonel of the medical service Fefelov Alexander Ivanovich, he was elected by competition to the position of head of the Department of therapeutic dentistry of the Alma-ata state medical Institute, to work on which he began in September 1962.

The staff of the Department at that time consisted of highly qualified, practical doctors with extensive experience, invited from various dental institutions of the city of Alma-ata and the USSR. Among the first teachers of the Department were Elena Zhitkovskaya, Eteri Semenovna Nikuradze (Britova), Lyudmila Buznikova, Vera Chapala. They laid the Foundation of the Department of therapeutic dentistry in our Republic.

Since 1968 begins the next period of development of the Department, which was headed by David Lazarevich Korytnyi.

As an associate Professor of the Department of surgical dentistry, in 1967 he defended his thesis for the degree of doctor of medical Sciences and was elected by competition to head the Department of therapeutic dentistry AGMI.

For the first time under the leadership of David Lazarevich began training teachers through graduate school. The first post-graduate students of the Department were T. S. Kunanbaeva, Sh. N. Askarova, S. Zh. Baigurina, who after studying in graduate school and defending dissertation works joined the staff of the Department.

In subsequent years, the Department was accepted: R. A. Suleimenova, E. N. Starodubtsev, K. P. Nikitina. Joined the ranks of assistants practitioners Fatah EB. Umbetaliev G. A., Britova A. A., Dolgikh R. A., Kulmanbetov I. A., Klimova S. V., Bayakhmetova A. A., Pilate T. L.

The period of head of the Department D. L. KorytnyI (1968-1984 years) was marked by priority fundamental research in the field of laser medicine, actually served as the basis for the development of a new direction in dentistry-laser therapy, today widely used throughout the world. Questions of the mechanism of biological action of laser radiation, methods of treatment of various diseases were developed: periodontal disease (L. Y. Zazulevskaya), chronic recurrent aphthous stomatitis (S. Zh. Baigurina), inflammation of the pulp (A. A. Britova).

The expansion of the contingent of students and the allocation of subordination at the faculty of dentistry led to the replenishment of the Department staff with new employees: H. S. Mergembaeva, K. P. Nikitina, A. A. Kabulbekov, sh. M. Nurgalieva, E. A. Urazalina.

From 1984 to 2003 the Department was headed by L. Y. Zazulevskaya.

Zazulevskaya Lidiya Yakovlevna-doctor of medical Sciences, Professor, academician of the Laser Academy of Sciences of the Russian Federation and The Academy of preventive medicine of the Republic of Kazakhstan. After graduating from the dental faculty of the Kalinin medical Institute in 1957, she was sent to work in Dzhezkazgan, where she worked as a dentist, and later as head of a dental clinic, which she organized and headed until 1965. In the same year she entered the clinical residency at the Department of surgical dentistry AGMI, led by prof. Chernov E. F. While studying in clinical residency, she collected material and prepared for the defense of the thesis for the degree of candidate of medical Sciences on the topic: “Submandibular and chin lymphadenitis and their complications”, which she defended in 1970. After completing her clinical residency, she was assigned to the Department of therapeutic dentistry as an assistant. In 1974 she was elected to the position of associate Professor of the Department, headed the educational part of the Department. Her doctoral thesis on the topic: “Application of light helium-neon laser in the prevention and treatment of periodontal diseases” – (1986) was the result of years of investigations to use low-intensity laser radiation, to study its mechanism of therapeutic action.

A new direction in scientific research of the Department since 1985 should be considered the creation of laser medical equipment, the study of the mechanism of its therapeutic action. For the first time in the practice of medicine by the decree of the Government of our Republic in 1991 at the Department under the leadership of Professor zazulevskaya L. Y. was created a laboratory of new laser technologies, the main task of which was the development of laser medical equipment.

Cooperation with prominent scientists of our time and the staff of the Institute of General physics, USSR Academy of Sciences, headed by Nobel prize winner academician A. I. Prokhorov, developer of quantum generators (G. S. Sedov) allowed the laboratory team, the main part of which consisted of employees of the Department of therapeutic dentistry (L. Y. Zatulovskaya, R. A. Dolgikh, A. I. Bardakov), to create industrial designs laser medical installations (Galomed, Armed, Lamed-03, etc.) that are recognized practitioners, marked by copyright certificates and patents, demonstrated at many international exhibitions, awarded gold medals the international exhibition in Beijing ” Science in the USSR.” Lydia Yakovlevna made an invaluable contribution to the further development of domestic and world dentistry. She is well known, respected and loved in all regions of our country, near and far abroad. High achievements in science and pedagogical activity are the result of tireless creative search, inexhaustible diligence, generosity of soul, love to people and to the profession. Lydia Yakovlevna is a bright, gifted person who is a generator, an inexhaustible source of scientific ideas, new ideas, with which she charges her pupils and students.

In subsequent years, the Department was headed by students of Professor Zazulevskaya L. Y.

Currently, the staff of the Department consists of 16 teachers, consisting of 3 professors, 5 associate professors, 6 assistants, including 3 doctors of medical Sciences, 8 candidates of medical Sciences, 9 doctors of the highest category.

The teaching staff of the Department conducts a great Advisory work not only the population of Almaty, but also other regions of our country. Students are trained in the theoretical foundations and practical skills of therapeutic dentistry, the formation of students ‘ medical behavior, thinking and skills that ensure the solution of professional problems and the application of the algorithm of medical activity for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of patients with diseases of hard tissues of the teeth, pulp, periodontal, periodontal and oral mucosa.

The Department of” Therapeutic dentistry ” concentrates its activities on the research and implementation of new methodological, organizational and methodical methods of teaching students and modernization of the educational process in the modern education system. Classes are conducted in the state, Russian and English languages.

Scientific activity at the Department is actively conducted on the study of etiopathogenesis, modern and innovative methods of diagnosis and treatment of major dental diseases. In its multifaceted activities, the Department carries out close cooperation in scientific and methodological and research activities with other departments of the University of KazNMU and other Universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The staff of the Department of therapeutic dentistry