The faculty

Training highly qualified competitive specialists. Who is able to operate in rapidly changing world and oriented for realization of state program in health and science development of RK inside innovative progression of the country while saving the loyalty to the values of KazNMU.

Dental Department is a leader in training of competetive and valuable specialists on the labour market by realization the model of medical education of KazNMU via generation of advanced knowledge and attaching the proffessional competence.


In July 1959 in Almaty state medical Institute was organized  the dental faculty with a set of 100 students.

Its first Dean was the pathophysiology , associate Professor, M. S. Saulebekova, (1959-1961 gg) and since 1961, the Dean of faculty is elected head of the course of dentistry departments of the hospital surgery Evgeny Feofanovich Chernov.

Created relevant departments, to this aim, invited science teachers from across the country. They had to organize the educational process, develop visual AIDS and guidelines.

In 1962 by order No. 203 of the Ministry of health of the Kazakh SSR was legalized the creation of specialized departments. First there was one Department of dentistry, where he worked for dentists of all specialties, and managed it Evgeny Feofanovich Chernov, later he headed the Department of surgical dentistry. Under his leadership, has grown a whole galaxy of scientific-pedagogical departments of oral and maxillofacial surgery has risen to a new stage in its development, he founded scientific surgery dental school began working dental service in the Republic.

Department of therapeutic dentistry was headed by the graduater of the Perm offices of the Institute, Colonel of medical service, candidate of medical Sciences, associate Professor Fefelov Alexander, which is a lot of effort put in for the establishment, preparation of teaching materials and strengthening of the clinical bases of the Department.

The representative of the Moscow dental school, Sukharev George T. headed the Department from 1963 to 1966. They created orthopedic dental school.

From 1966 to 1970 the Dean appointed associate Professor of the Department of normal anatomy Shakenov K. S., first raised the issue of teaching Kazakh language.

A graduate of the Tashkent state medical Institute IP Sedunov A. A. was the Dean of the faculty from 1970-1972. They established a laboratory for medical, materials science, when RNCC “Dentistry” Department of materials science and new technologies.

In 1977 established the first in the country Department of pediatric dentistry, headed by associate Professor Dzhumadildaev D. N. He was Dean of the faculty from 1984 to 1995. Under his leadership, began the development of the national standard for graduate medical education implemented new forms of current and final control of knowledge, control, manual skills of the students.

The work of the Dean’s office and departments is carried out in close cooperation. Thanks to the joint efforts formed the faculty, which today is a cohesive team of teaching staff. Today it is the leading faculty of dental profile provided a good educational and methodical base, equipped with modern equipment, employing more than 90 teachers.

Over the past half century, the faculty has graduated over 8,000 dentists. Today the faculty trained more than 800 students and 100 interns-doctors, representing all regions of the Republic and some African countries, Pakistan, Mongolia, China, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan. Annually the faculty graduate more than 100 students.

Training of future dentists are at the Faculty of Dentistry KazNMU, on multilevel system of education:

Apprenticeship Bachelor– 5 years. Graduate receives a diploma of higher medical education with qualification “bachelor-dentistry”

Internship 1 year. At the end of the internship diploma of higher medical education with the qualification “dentist general practice” and allowed to practical activities.

Level of specialist training Preparation time Qualification
Baccalaureate 5 years Diploma of dentistry’s bachelor
Internship 1 year Diploma “dentist general practice”


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