Research work of students


Scientific activity at the Department is actively conducted on the study of etiopathogenesis, modern and innovative methods of diagnosis and treatment of major dental diseases. In its teaching and research activities, the Department carries out close cooperation with other departments of the University of KazNMU and other Universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Over the years of scientific work of students — SNK has become a leading student Association, which is constantly developing and improving the level of knowledge of its members. Even at that time, students were interested in topical issues of therapeutic dentistry. By changing the names, the audience, SNK has kept and increased the main value of our Department-the desire for knowledge, scientific discoveries.

Student scientific readings marked the beginning of a good tradition in the life of students of the scientific circle of the Alma-ATA medical Institute, annually attracting students to the work of the circle. Significant and bright events in the life of the SSS were held at the level of the faculty and the Institute of scientific and practical conferences, where students submitted their works to the competition, the best works were awarded diplomas of various degrees. The heads of the SNK were associate professors of the Department: Kunanbayeva T. S., Iskakova M. K., Professor Bayakhmetova A. A., ass Dolgikh V. R.

I remember the bright events in the work of the SNK of the Department, this is the I International Olympiad in dentistry, which was held in KazNMU. S. D. Asfendiyarova. The first Olympiad was organized by the dental faculty of KazNMU. S. D. Asfendiyarova. Much organizational work was done by the head of the NIRS faculty associate Professor Iskakova M. K.. Student teams from Russia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan participated. Our team took the first place.

A large cultural program was organized for guests: walking around the city, going to the high-mountain skating rink Medeo and the ski resort of Shymbulak, visiting the Museum of KazNMU.

International student Competitions in dentistry have become a tradition at the dental faculty of KazNMU. S. D. Asfendiyarova.

The organizer of the I I international Olympiad in dentistry in 2013 was associate Professor G. M. Tibenova

The organizer of the I II international Olympiad in dentistry in 2015 was pHd D. Sukhocheva T. M.

Coordinator for all competitions was: Dean of the faculty of dentistry Amantayev B. A., head of research Professor G. T. Ermukhanova

The scientific student circle is the support and support of the most initiative, intelligent youth of the University, helping them to acquire additional knowledge, professional skills and experience.

Active work on holding international Olympiads with SNK universities near abroad (Russia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan) allowed significantly expand contacts: established interaction with leading organizations: the Kazakh Dental Association, the company “dentsplay”, the Association of “endodontists and periodontists”, etc.

Main scientific directions of the circle:

* Modern restorative dentistry-hands. associate Professor Sagatbayeva A.D.

* Current aspects of clinical endodontics-hands. associate Professor Smagulova E. N.

* Diagnosis and treatment of the oral mucosa and the red border of the lips-hands. Zazulevskaya L. Ya.

Scientific sectors:

Participation of students and undergraduates in scientific projects, congresses, international Olympiads, conferences, conducting the second Year of scientific works. Participation in fairs of student circles and communities of KazNMU. S. D. Asfendiyarova.

Theoretical sector of the circle:

Presentations at the monthly meetings of the circle

Clinical sector of the circle:

Participation in clinical reviews of patients

International sector:

Participation in the annual international Olympiad on dentistry

Participation in the annual international scientific and practical conference

SNC publications sector:

Students together with teachers publish their scientific works in various leading publications, including journals with a high impact factor

SNK incentives sector:

Participation in conferences, seminars, Olympiads students are awarded diplomas of various degrees, certificates, incentive prizes.

Master classes:

Employees of leading companies (dentsplay, etc.) organize master classes for students on restoration, endodontics.

Participating in the activities of the NSO, students have a great opportunity to work together with the most active part of the student body, to get acquainted with colleagues from other universities in Russia and the world, which after a certain time will become the business and intellectual elite of dentistry. And it is quite possible to get acquainted with potential employers.

SNK is a unique school of leadership. Here new stars of dentistry light up, talents are revealed, new ideas appear. Our work strengthens the status of the Department of therapeutic dentistry of KazNMU. S. D. Asfendiyarov, as one of the leading medical universities in Kazakhstan.

The main goal of the SNC was and is to attract new members to the ranks. It is not an exaggeration to say that almost every student who comes will be interested in the activities of the SNC and the possibility of their participation in it. Well, we will always welcome newcomers! Come to SNK events and become a part of the team, feel the energy that binds many generations of circle members! Here you will find great prospects for personal and professional growth.