Research work

Achievements of the Department in the field of science:

  1. For the first time, the world’s first patent was obtained (1973) for the use of low-intensity laser radiation for the treatment of periodontal diseases and oral mucosa, the authors of which were Лorytny D. L., Zazulevskaya L. Y., Zhukova I. I. (author’s certificate No. 405555 of August 14, 1973, priority of March 5, 1970). There are also 16 patents and 29 acts of implementation.
  2. In the laboratory created at the Department, together with polyaron software, the manufacturer of a quantum generator that induces laser light in the red part of the spectrum, the Galamed installation was created (No. 1718897, dated November 15, 1991, Zazulevskaya L. Y., Dolgikh R. A.). With the use of the laser device “Galamed” employees of the Department performed a number of scientific dissertations for the degree of candidates and doctors of science. For the first time, from 1995 to 1999, began to apply a new method of treatment of dental diseases with ozone therapy in the treatment of destructive forms of periodontitis and periodontal diseases. 2 dissertations for the degree of candidate of medical Sciences are protected.
  3. The Department for the last 3 calendar years published 3 textbooks on therapeutic dentistry: “Modern means for the treatment and prevention of periodontal diseases” – methodical recommendations Zazulevskaya L. Y. ,( 20 art., 2017). The textbook “TS aurally”- Abdikarimov S. J.(translated by G. M. Barer “Therapeutic Dentistry»)
  4. Scientific and technical project (NTP): intra – University projects: – “Development and implementation of treatment regimens for various types of deep caries”, “prevention of complications in endodontic treatment of complicated caries”. – Commissioned report part of the scientific project of MES RK “Development of a comprehensive program of diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of inflammatory periodontal diseases in the Republic of Kazakhstan”.
  1. Over the past 3 years, more than 42 scientific articles have been published. Of which: in foreign journals with impact – factor – 25, infakt factor of -4 higher than four articles; with zero impact factor – 10; Articles published in journals of KKSON MES – 6; articles published in other journals and proceedings of scientific events (not included in item I and II) – 6;
  2. Visiting professors were invited to the Department and the work was organized: A. A. Britova (Russia, Novgorod state University. Yaroslav The Wise). Grudyanov A. I. (Moscow) – gave lectures and conducted master classes.
  3. Gerard Levy, Professor and honorary Dean of the University of Paris, was invited . He held a master class and a lecture-practical course “Modern methods of instrumentation and obturation of root canals”.

Over the years, the Department has accumulated a huge experience of joint educational and research activities with partner Universities from far and near abroad, including Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Russia, Uzbekistan, France, and others. the exchange of scientific and practical knowledge and new technologies is Carried out.

Carrying out the results of the Department of therapeutic dentistry, we can say with confidence that thanks to a competent approach to the training of scientific and pedagogical staff, comprehensive planning of research, the formation and improvement of the educational base, there are real prospects for further development and improvement of domestic dentistry. Preserving the traditions of the Department, encourages a new generation of teachers and students to work with dignity for the benefit of the Motherland and for the glory of Alma mater.